Investment Cast Bar Stock

Stellite® is a registered mark of Kennametal, Inc., which is not affiliated with Alloy Cast Products, Inc.
REXALLOY® is a proprietary trademark of Alloy Cast Products, Inc. (73779483) U.S.A

Bar Stock Part #s

Stellite®6 – Cobalt Alloy No. 6 AMS-5387-E

Stellite®3 – Cobalt Alloy No. 3

Stellite®12 Cobalt Alloy No. 12 ICI Specification Quality

Stellite®21 – Cobalt Alloy No. 21 ASTM-A-732-GR-21

REXALLOY®33 – AKA- Stellite®20

Stellite® is a registered trademark of
Deloro Stellite Holdings Corp. USA
REXALLOY® is a registered trademark of
Winsert, LLC. USA