Winsert, Inc. installs mist collection systems

May 21, 2018

MARINETTE, WI – Winsert, Inc. identified areas to improve employee comfort as well as enhance and maintain plant cleanliness.  Plans were put into place to address these areas with careful consideration to energy conservation. 


Mist collection units, equipped with VFD's, smart controllers, and servo actuated dampers at each point of use have now been installed.  Beginning in 2017, two distinct systems were installed; one to capture the mist generated at centerless grinding and another to capture the mist at double disc grinding.  These units are equipped with winter/summer options that allow the warm cleaned air to be returned into the workspace in the winter months and the ability to exhaust this cleaned air outside in the summer, increasing the overall air exchange in the plant.  The positive impact was immediate; shop fans are staying cleaner and fugitive mist is almost nonexistent.

About Winsert: Winsert is a leading global provider of innovative alloy solutions.  The Northeast Wisconsin based company prides itself on maintaining the most sophisticated development, testing, and production capabilities for cobalt-, nickel-, and iron-base alloys.  Winsert provides patented and proprietary alloys to solve high-temperature, wear, and corrosion problems for various applications such as medium and heavy duty engines, power generation, emission controls, industrial valves, and food processing.