Job Title: Metallurgist

Reports to: Chief Technical Officer/Chief Metallurgist

Department: Research & Development

Location: Marinette, Wisconsin

Status: Full Time

Classification: Exempt

General Summary:

Responsible for working extensively with Winsert’s metallurgical laboratory, foundry and customers regarding casting quality and material related issues associated with high alloy tool steels, nickel based alloys and cobalt alloys that were developed utilizing a shell mold foundry process.  In addition, this position is responsible for assisting Winsert’s material research and development laboratory in performing metallurgical tests for both new alloy production, as well as prototype casting development. 

Essential Job Functions Include:​​

  • Work on various material and metallurgical R&D projects, including material property measurement, in-house casting metallurgical evaluation, and customer tested component evaluation

  • Work with R&D department and Winsert oversee associate to develop new casting, machining, and other types of manufacturing suppliers.

  • Work with in house technical personnel, overseas suppliers and the company overseas associate to design and conduct experiments to improve methods of induction melting, degassing, casting designs, and machining as well as for new product development or products already in production

  • Exam incoming new product samples or production samples from suppliers, including chemical composition analysis, casting quality inspection, mechanical property measurement, and dimensional measurement

  • Write quality inspection report and discuss with suppliers for further improvement

  • Improve and perform process audits to maintain process control in various suppliers

  • Work with company sales department to make production plans of sourced products for oversea suppliers

  • Record the number of sourced incoming products and monitor its inventory level

  • Provide technical support to company sales and QA departments

  • Other duties as production and R&D projects needed

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:​​​

  • Independent self-starter

  • Excellent analytical problem solving skills

  • Ability to multi-task while meeting tight timelines in results driven environment

  • Strong understanding of iron, nickel and cobalt base alloys

  • Exceptional attention to detail

  • Good oral and written communication skills with preferred experience in the fields of foundry and material science


Physical Demands:​​

  • Must be able to actively move through office space to work with staff

  • Vision must be correctable to allow reading/viewing of documents and computer screen

  • Hearing must be correctable to allow extensive use of telephone and voicemail as well as participate in discussions among large groups


Education and Experience:​​

  • This position requires a minimum 4 yrs college degreed engineer, preferably having 5+ years experience in foundry engineering or engineering position

  • Proven analytical and problem solving skills along with good oral and written communication skills are preferred in the fields of foundry or other manufacturing fields

  • This position requires frequent communications with Winsert oversee associate and suppliers

  • This position reports to Chief Technical Officer/Chief Metallurgist to provide assistance to new casting product development

  • The successful candidate must have solid basic engineering knowledge in various manufacturing processes. This candidate also requires fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Experience with quality control in foundry and machining fields a plus

Winsert is an equal opportunity employer.  We do not discriminate with regard to race, sex, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, handicap or disability, age, or any other basis prohibited by law.  We also provide reasonable accommodations to disabled individuals who can otherwise perform their essential job functions.