At Winsert, prototypes and samples aren’t mere “examples” of finished part geometries in easy to manufacture materials. Winsert cast machined prototypes and samples are ready to realize the latest customer designs using production representative materials, castings, and machining to get the production performance our customers need right now.

"Winsert is very fast at delivering parts with the required material properties and geometrical conditions which helps to reduce development time as well."

Winsert’s product development team is comprised of dedicated engineers and machinists devoted solely to quick turnaround times to ensure our OEM partners projects are kept on-track. This team has the ability to work through design questions as well as design issues and is well versed in the NPI process. This team develops its own tooling to speed up the process of manufacturing customers prototype and sample components to the proper designs and specifications. Winsert’s product development team utilizes dedicated machines to ensure capacity for our customers strict timelines.

"Winsert is a strong partner for high performance hot side components."