"It is one of the cleanest foundries and machine shops I've ever seen."

Winsert possesses an in-house induction melting and shell sand foundry.  We have the capability of producing parts from ounces to pounds and the unique ability to make high volume production parts in conjunction with smaller runs for part validation and testing.  The foundry has its own dedicated lab in addition to Winsert's newly constructed Materials Research Center. 

In-House Foundry
Winsert Foundry Pour

"The production tooling is state-of-the-art and gives Winsert the ability to manufacture very precisely in order to deliver the required quality."

Winsert's machine shop houses through feed centerless grinders as well as through feed double disc grinders.  Our machine shop also maintains CNC's that have precision machining capabilities for components comprised of materials with HRC's up to 65.  In addition to running everyday high volume production parts, we utilize our rapid prototyping capabilities for quick turn, low volume, and pre-production components for our OEM partners.

Machine Shop
Winsert Machine Shop

"One of the big advantages of Winsert is for sure the flexibility of the production..."

Winsert's testing and inspection areas include non-destructive testing as well as manual and automated camera inspection.  Winsert's new state-of-the-art metrology lab houses equipment to ensure our products meet or exceed our customers standards. 

Product Testing & Inspection
Winsert Product Testing & Inspection

"I've been to Winsert and their facility matches the professional / organized nature of all the Winsert employees that I've worked with."

PDT 1 20% Capacity.jpg

Product Development Team

At Winsert, prototypes and samples aren't mere "examples" of finished part geometries in easy to manufacture materials.  Winsert cast machined prototypes and samples are ready to realize the latest customer designs using production representative materials, castings, and machining to get the production performance our customers need right now.

Winsert's product development team is comprised of dedicated engineers and machinists devoted solely to quick turnaround times to ensure our OEM partners projects are kept on-track.  This team has the ability to work through design questions as well as design issues and is well versed in the NPI process.  This team develops its own tooling to speed up the process of manufacturing customers prototype and sample components to the proper designs and specifications.  Winsert's product development team utilizes dedicated machines to ensure capacity for our customers strict timelines.

"Winsert is a strong partner for high performance hot side components."

"Winsert is very fast at delivering parts with the required material properties and geometrical conditions which helps to reduce development time as well."


Metrology Lab

Winsert's state-of-the-art metrology lab houses CMMs, formscans, contours, and surface profilometer equipment.

Winsert's formscan equipment

"We know Winsert as a capable and valued supplier for special high tech materials with hard requirements on durability and quality under severe conditions."

Winsert's formscan equipment allows for measurements of roundness, cylindricity, concentricity, perpendicularity, flatness, and parallelism.

Winsert's contour
Winsert's surface profilometer

Winsert's surface profilometer is unique in that it can analyze a 4.7 inch trace length against 104 surface roughness and waviness characteristics.

Winsert's contour provides the profile of a part to obtain angles, radii, depth, and width measurements.

"The quality is excellent and we would be happy if more companies would be as professional as Winsert!"

Winsert's CMMs

Winsert’s CMMs provide both optical and tactile measurements.  Utilizing active scanning, the CMMs are able to compare physical part measurements against perfect CAD geometries.


Contract Manufacturing

Winsert offers a wide range of contract manufacturing services.  Contact Winsert for more information.


In-house open air, high alloy induction melting and shell sand foundry with capabilities of producing parts from ounces to two pounds.

LDP Non-Destructive Testing

Liquid dye penetrant non-destructive testing for various sized components.

Through-Feed Centerless Grinders

Centerless grinders for OD sizes of .75" - 4.0".


Utilizing active scanning, the CMMs are able to compare physical part measurements.  The CMMs provide both optical and tactile measurements.

Working envelope = 12"W x 12"L x 4"H.

Through-Feed Double Disc Grinders

Double disc grinders for width thickness ranges of .188" - .400".

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping area devoted to quick turn low volume components.

Precision CNCs

CNC turning machines that have precision machining capabilities for components comprised of materials with HRC's up to 65.