Product Engineer

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Job Title: Product Engineer
Reports to: Engineering 
Department: Engineering
Location: Marinette, WI
Status: Full Time
Classification: Exempt

General Summary:

Responsible for improving the manufacturing capabilities of machines and tooling. Responsible for Sales, Customer, and manufacturing support for new product.

Essential Job Functions Include:

• Provide manufacturing solutions and improvements for new and conventional product.
• Provide cost estimates and associated capital requirements for new product.
• Assist engineering and sales in investigations of new products with respect to the manufacture and implementation of equipment.
• Determine the most effective ways to use the basic factors of production (people, machines, materials, information and energy) to make products.
• Recommend methods for improving safety, worker productivity and reduce waste of materials and utilities.
• Coordinate with customers for design optimization of new product.
• Manage new product introductions with customers and manufacturing operations.
• Adhere to Winsert Code of Conduct.

Secondary Job Functions:

• Assist engineering in developing improved working environments for improved efficiency and reduction of injuries.
• Provide assistance for preparation and manufacture of conventional product.
• Perform other duties as deemed necessary by management.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  

• Must have good communication skills, verbal and written
• Use computer software or TCM Modules including Word, EXCEL, SolidWorks, Design CAD, and Other Microsoft programs.
• CNC machining background in lathe and milling equipment preferred.
• Foundry background beneficial.
• Must have excellent time management skills, problem-solving and prioritization skills, and the ability to handle multiple tasks.
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail required.
• Must have the ability to function effectively without constant supervision.
• Must get along with others.

Physical Demands:

• Must be able to actively move through office space to work with staff.
• Vision must be correctable to allow reading/viewing of documents and computer screen.
• Hearing must be correctable to allow extensive use of telephone and voicemail as well as participate in discussions among large groups.

Education and Experience:

• Minimum 5 years’ applicable work experience.
• Associates or BA/BS in Engineering is desired. Equivalent manufacturing experience will be considered.


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