Business Technology Manager

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Job Title: Business Technology Manager
Reports to: Director of Digital Transformation
Department: BT
Location: Marinette, Wisconsin
Status: Full Time
Classification: Exempt

General Summary:

The Business Technology Manager is responsible for realizing technology needs, establishing sound solutions, planning detailed projects, collaborating with and inspiring team members in order to align with our Digital Transformation Strategies. This individual reports to the Director of Digital Transformation and will be responsible for providing the technology infrastructure to deliver accurate, concise, timely, and responsive business information to the core business teams. This information is key in the success of the entire organization. It provides time critical analytical data that fosters confident business decision, resulting in continuous improvement and the ongoing success of the organization.


  • B.S. in Computer Science or comparable business experience
  • Relational Database Knowledge and Proficiency
  • MSSQL, C#, MVC architecture, Python, JQuery, PostgreSQL, DIBOL, Odoo, TCM, OSIsoft PI, FANUC MT-LINK i, Vim
  • Solid background in software design, development and integration
  • Understanding and experience with data analytics
  • Experience with business relationship management, change management and digital transformation initiatives
  • Ability to manage multiple projects under strict timelines
  • Strength in ability to work as a team in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and meet overall objectives
  • History of successful project management roles
  • Experience in a fast paced Manufacturing environment and a strong understanding of ERP and MES systems
  • Change management experience (Change Agent)
  • Superb communication skills, written and verbal, utilizing a clear and concise manner across various levels of the organization
  • Excellent judgment, interpersonal skills, comfortable interacting with leadership, lead, facilitate and manage change effectively
  • Success in the deployment of ERP, MES, MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) systems and data analytics solutions
  • Ability to listen to the voice of the customer and translate it into actionable deliverables
  • Strong Project management skills
  • Able to sense and manage interpersonal relationships
  • VMware
  • Windows Server, Linux, Cisco
  • Windows Active Directory
  • Workwise (Aptean) TCM, Odoo
  • HRIS Systems
  • Github
  • IoT
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and MS Project
  • Able to work safely in an industrial machinery environment
  • Able to manage and collaborate with offshore development team


  • Responsible for business technology policies, and procedures including but not limited to: developing, maintaining and implementing technology strategies consistent with and in support of the management teams overall strategic plan;
  • Collaborating with third party vendors as a liaison to ensure timely and up-to-date deployment of network administration and PC support;
  • Ensuring the department’s compliance with operating policies and procedures established for the business technology function;
  • Communicating with appropriate management and staff personnel and providing periodic reports
  • Providing vision and leadership for developing and implementing company-wide business information technology and data systems
  • Fulfill Winserts Digital Transformation Strategic goals and objectives
  • Thorough, meticulous, organized, and methodical when handling details
  • Manage and Lead the Business Technology Analyst and Support Specialist
  • The position requires the ability to provide leadership, coordination and execution to ensure the successful delivery of business information technology projects including IoT integration
  • Follow Project/Program Management Best Practices, including timeline management, risk assessment, risk mitigation, roles and responsibilities, interactive planning sessions, transparency of project progress, risks and mitigation strategies
  • Lead by example and model core values in all actions; ensure a positive, respectful team environment, fostering collaboration and development
  • Manage Business Technology Asset Inventory and Technology Lifecycle Management
  • Manage IT hardware surplus equipment for inventory purposes and future disposal
  • Lead project capital funding authorization, including development of business case in alignment with digital Transformation strategies
  • Manage the Business Technology Department Budget
  • Manager Cybersecurity efforts
  • Oversee and maintain cybersecurity systems and defense countermeasures
  • Identify cybersecurity system vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Create cybersecurity strategies to stop criminals and harden the infrastructure against such attacks
  • Research, Introduce, adopt and implement new technology to further both long term and short term digital transformation strategic goals
  • Manage bolt on integration and further integrate existing systems and technologies into new strategic technolgies
  • Ensure projects achieve the desired outcome in terms of scope, schedule, cost and quality expectations
  • Assist other business technology department roles as needed including covering on-call responsibilities
  • Manage Server Support/Maintenance activities with assistance from the support partners as needed
  • Manage new Business Technology user accounts (LAN, email, etc.),
  • Provide business technology on-boarding training for new users
  • Oversee business technology hardware procurement, configuration and setup for new users
  • Manages and coordinates Infrastructure vendors and partners for various business technology
  • Manage multi-function printers and bar coding printers and scanning devices
  • Manage printer vendor contracts and printer maintenance
  • Network Support – Installs and supports network equipment with assistance from Network support vendor partners
  • Server Support/Maintenance – Plans and performs maintenance activities with assistance from the support partners as needed
  • Report to Director of Digital Transformation
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