Solution For Your Applications

Winsert often serves as an R&D arm for our OEM partners in addition to providing excellent component failure analyses. Opened in 2016, Winsert’s 10,000 square foot Stephen A. Dickinson Materials Research Center houses state-of-the-art equipment to support and enhance our capabilities in the areas of wear simulation, mechanical property testing, corrosion testing, alloy development, and alloy benchmarking. The facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.‚Äč

"Winsert has the capability to provide a rare combination of product attributes - functional improvement and reduced cost."

Winsert’s vast library of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high temperature alloys are designed for various applications within internal combustion engines, power generation, emission controls, industrial valves, and food processing. This ever-growing library of materials includes numerous proprietary alloys in addition to seven United States, European, and Latin American patents as well as five patents pending. Winsert also offers common trade materials as well as matrix and mating materials for various coatings.

"In order to meet frequently increased quality and durability standards or in order to reduce the part price, Winsert is able to develop the proper material for certain customer demands by tweaking the material properties."

Winsert’s alloys serve as true replacement alloys for high cobalt and nickel content materials. With the ever-fluctuating metal markets and cobalt instability, Winsert’s patented and proprietary alloys, many which have been tested and validated by our OEM partners, provide peace of mind in terms of proven performance as well as cost savings and stability. Winsert helps our partners #removethecobalt from their components and applications.

Facets of Winsert's Research & Development

Winsert’s R&D team studies wear mechanisms and their causes. There is a focus on the development of tests to measure material properties. Different types of tests measure wear resistance, seat retention (valve seats), and heat transfer from the valve seat to the head counterbore. Emphasis is placed on the development of better wear resistant and lower cost materials for customers. Cobalt instability leads to highly volatile prices when it comes to individual components. Winsert’s patented and proprietary alloys offer proven performance to go along with cost savings and cost stability to give our customers peace-of-mind both technically and commercially.