Proven Performance, Cost Savings and Cost Stability

Winsert manufactures common trade materials competitively to meet the needs of an application if our OEM partners so choose, however, where we bring the most value is through our proven performance, cost saving and cost stable proprietary materials. Winsert’s true replacement materials are designed to provide the necessary performance for our customers specific applications.

W740-P® gives cost savings and cost stability

15L Exhaust Valve Seat Insert Material
(3 year material cost comparison)

Winsert’s W740-P® offered $4,000,000+ in material cost savings alone over the course of three years when compared to the incumbent Stellite®3. While cobalt climbed drastically, W740-P®’s material costs remained steady.

W920T39-P™ provides substantial cost savings

Actuator Components
(4 year material cost comparison)

Winsert’s W920T39-P™ provides nearly $17,000,000 in material cost savings over a four year span compared to the Tribaloy®T400 incumbent material used in an actuator component. This component has variants that are used across three different platforms.

W671-P™ offers savings in turbocharger application

13L & 15L Turbocharger Shaft
(annualized cost comparison)

Winsert’s W671-P™ shaft material offers nearly $250,000 in annualized savings compared to the 1.4713 stainless steel with T800® thermal spray.

W13-P® provides cost stability and savings over Tribaloy®T400

Wastegate Bushing
(quarterly material costs)

Winsert’s W13-P® bushing material offers nearly $40,000 in annualized savings in material costs alone. In addition, this material has remained stable in terms of costs by quarter. The graph shows the stability and savings during the cobalt volatility of 2018.