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Career Opportunities

Winsert is an equal opportunity employer.  We do not discriminate with regard to race, sex, religion, color, national origin, citizenship, handicap or disability, age, or any other basis prohibited by law.  We also provide reasonable accommodations to disabled individuals who can otherwise perform their essential job functions.


General Summary:

This position is responsible for working extensively with Winsert’s metallurgical laboratory, foundry and customers regarding casting quality and material related issues associated with high alloy tool steels, nickel based alloys and cobalt alloys that were developed utilizing a shell mold foundry process.

Machine Operator

3rd Shift

General Summary:

This position works closely with the Machine Shop Supervisor to ensure that parts are manufactured properly in a timely manner per customer requirements.

Trade Compliance Specialist/Logistics Coordinator

General Summary:

The Trade Compliance Specialist/Logistics Coordinator is responsible to ensure import transactions meet U.S. Customs regulations.  This position plays a vital role in coordinating with foreign suppliers, customs brokers and U.S. Customs to ensure correct international import and export declarations are made to government agencies.  Trade Compliance Specialist is responsible for the ongoing development, administration, and operations of Winsert’s Import/Export compliance program.  In addition, this position will be responsible for facilitating all global compliance standards.

Wrap and Ship

1st Shift

General Summary:

This position works with the Inspection Manager to ensure orders are wrapped and shipped in a timely manner according to the customers needs.


Why Northeast Wisconsin?

Winsert is a family owned business located in beautiful Northeast Wisconsin close to the Wisconsin / Upper Michigan border.  With a strong global presence, Winsert has been providing career opportunities to Marinette and the surrounding communities since 1977.  The below video by The New North captures many aspects of the community that make Northeast Wisconsin a place for workers to thrive. Whether you enjoy being outdoors or indoors, downtown or rural, in nature or programming computers, or maybe all of these things – Northeast Wisconsin provides. 

Careers at Winsert
Winsert and The New North

Winsert's Culture

Winsert is not just an organization made up of individual employees and departments.  Winsert is one unit or what we like to call "family" that works together, sacrifices together, and ultimately succeeds together.  Winsert's values are the fabric of our success.  We not only push to make a positive impact in the industries we serve, but we strive to be a positive presence in and around the neighboring communities in which we live and work.

1. We value our Winsert family—employees, customers, and community.

a. We will treat employees with respect, fairness, and compassion.

b. We will support the children of our community through financial gifts and volunteerism.

c. We will maintain flexibility and urgency in meeting customer demands.

2. We value candidness.

a. We will address and not personally attack our employees when problems arise.

b. We will practice direct communication with our employees daily.

c. We will not promise what we cannot deliver.

3. We value accountability.

a. We will embrace the courage to fail and become agents for change.

b. We will make things happen through action and participation, not by audience. 

c. We will treat our respective jobs, whatever they are, as careers that require commitment, growth, pride and satisfaction.

4. We value innovation.

a. We will seek out employees who actively solve problems.

b. We thrive on creativity, ingenuity and continuous improvement.

c. We will anticipate market trends and move quickly to embrace them.

5. We value integrity.

a. We will follow our code of conduct because integrity earns the admiration of many.

b. We will try our best at whatever we do, wherever we do it.