Winsert is a leading global provider of innovative alloy solutions to a variety of industries. The four cornerstones of Winsert have allowed us to earn the reputation of not being just “another supplier”, but a partner to our OEM customers.​​ Winsert’s expertise spreads to all four critical areas and we continue to build upon each cornerstone. We form lasting partnerships by working directly with major OEMs throughout the course of their projects. Our teams work together to develop, test, and produce the proper solutions for the OEM applications.

Advanced in-house alloy design expertise & capabilities

Winsert is the Inventor of numerous patented and proprietary alloys and experts in developing, testing, and producing custom solutions to address specific needs for a variety of extreme-duty challenges.

In-house application test and analysis expertise & capabilities

Winsert is a partner to many major OEMs. Our team works directly with major OEMs throughout the course of their projects to develop the best solutions for their applications.  Winsert urges our OEM partners to utilize our team as a resource during the initial stages and throughout the course of each project to help ensure the success. Having the proper material selection and design initially will help avoid problems that can arise leading to project delays and added costs.

Casting expertise & capabilities

Utilizing resin shell sand and investment casting technologies to produce different geometries and sizes, Winsert has the capability to produce ounces to pounds and can produce high volume production volumes in conjunction with smaller runs for part validation and testing.

Precision manufacturing prowess & capabilities

Winsert utilizes through feed centerless grinding and double disc grinding as well as CNC turning machines that have precision machining capabilities for components comprised of materials with HRC’s up to 65.  Capabilities include machining parts from .125″ → 6″ OD size & .125″ → 3″ in width and holding tolerances in the microns.  Winsert’s manufacturing facility houses a foundry, machine shop, metrology lab, and inspection area all under one roof.

"Winsert's modern manufacturing facility, robust processes, and new R&D center are truly impressive. Seeing your place again just reinforces the value of our partnership."

Winsert provides corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high temperature alloys for various applications within internal combustion engines, aerospace, power generation, emission controls, industrial valves, and food processing. In addition to manufacturing components in traditional common trade materials, Winsert utilizes patented and proprietary alloys to develop fast, effective, and affordable solutions for our OEM partners. Winsert’s alloys serve as true replacement materials for expensive high cobalt and nickel content materials. With the ever-fluctuating metal markets and cobalt instability, our patented and proprietary alloys, many which have been tested and validated by our OEM partners themselves, provide peace of mind in terms of proven performance as well as cost savings and cost stability. Winsert helps our partners #removethecobalt from their components and applications.