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Winsert's OEM proven patented and proprietary high temperature, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant alloys serve as true replacement materials for costly cobalt- and nickel-base materials in your applications. Winsert can also develop a specific solution for even the most extreme environments.

Winsert provides corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high temperature alloys for various applications within the transportation, aerospace, energy, industrial, and food processing markets. We specialize in…

Advanced In House Alloy Design Capabilities

Advanced In House Alloy Design Capabilities

Precision Manufacturing Prowess & Capabilities

Precision Manufacturing Prowess & Capabilities

Casting Expertise & Capabilities

Casting Expertise & Capabilities

In House Application Test & Analysis

In House Application Test & Analysis

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Why Winsert's Alloys?

In 1992, Winsert’s Research & Development department was established with its primary focus being replacing high-cost cobalt-based alloys in the market.  Since then, Winsert’s older and new generation of alloys have been developed to displace cobalt in our customers’ components.  Winsert’s proprietary alloys provide the necessary performance as well as cost savings and cost stability when compared to common trade materials traditionally used for heavy-duty applications.

Price Per Pound

W10-P® is a registered tradement of Winsert
Tribaloy® T400 is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite Holdings Corporation

Strategic Markets We Serve

Winsert’s innovative alloy solutions are being provided to a wide array of industries in 35 countries around the world. Winsert’s high heat, wear, and corrosion-resistant alloys help solve our customers most demanding challenges within their applications.





Food Processing

Transportation: Superior materials offering high heat, wear-, and corrosion- resistance in high demanding internal combustion engines, emission controls, exhaust brake, and engine brake applications [learn more]

Aerospace: Alloys designed for high temperature, high wear, combined with corrosion concerns due to external contamination [learn more]

Energy: Materials offering high performance for power generation, renewables, and oil and gas applications [learn more]

Industrial: Proprietary alloys offering high heat-, and wear-resistance for valve components [learn more]

Food Processing: Alloys providing excellent corrosion- and wear-resistance including in high salt environments [learn more]