Alloy Portfolio


Winsert routinely produces many high quality specialty wear resistant alloys, including various high speed steel type iron base alloys, high carbon and high chromium type nickel base alloys, as well as Stellites® and Tribaloy® type cobalt base alloys. In addition to these commercial alloys, Winsert also produces a number of proprietary wear and corrosion resistant alloys to replace more expensive cobalt and nickel alloys in various industries.


The iron base alloys shown in the chart are the most frequently specified. However, Winsert has manufacturing experience using a wide range of additional alloys to satisfy specifications or requirements of our customers.

Iron base alloys provide good mechanical characteristics at low cost for applications not subject to overheating; for example, temperatures above 1200° to 1400°F (649° to 760°C). They also make great wear resistant alloys that are highly machineable. Winsert does not recommend the use of iron base alloys for applications with high-sulfur-content fuels or corrosive environments.

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The cobalt base alloys provide superior resistance to abrasion, corrosion, oxidation, and sulfidation. In addition, they are high temperature alloys, providing excellent dimensional stability and hot hardness to 1600°F (871°C).

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The nickel base alloys are excellent high temp wear and heat resistant alloys that provide fair abrasion and machineability properties. They also offer good hardness at temperatures up to 1500°F (816°C). Winsert does not recommend using nickel alloys for applications that use high-sulfur-content fuels or corrosive environments.

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Winsert's newly developed composite copper alloy valve seat inserts possess both excellent wear resistance and high thermal conductivity, which are two key material properties required by high performance racing engines. High temperature laboratory valve and insert test results show that composite copper alloys are much better wear resistant alloys than copper beryllium alloys as well as nickel bronze type copper alloys which are currently used in the high performance engines.
High performance engine laboratory tests also confirm the excellent wear resistance of the composite copper alloy valve seat inserts. Special oxide film formed on the copper alloy provides good compatibility with DLC coated titanium valves or plain titanium valves. The greatly improved composite copper alloys gives engine valve train designers more freedom to enhance engine performance because they are wear resistant alloys.
The new copper alloy is also environmentally friendly, with no hazardous beryllium, and achieves superior wear resistance. The unique combination of excellent high temperature sliding wear resistance and high thermal conductivity, together with good compatibility of mating components, makes the new composite copper alloy suitable for many other demanding applications, including valve seat inserts.
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