Alloy Development


Winsert specializes in developing cost-effective, high temperature wear and corrosion resistant alloys to meet our customers’ needs through the latest alloy technology. Over the years we have developed more than a dozen of iron, nickel, cobalt and copper wear resistant alloys; seven of them have already been granted patents by the United States and European Patent Offices (United States Patent Numbers: 5,674,449; 6,200,688; 6,485,678; 6,866,816; 6,916,444, 7,611,590, and 7,754,142). Others are still in the patent application process.

In the last five years, Winsert's material R&D program has expanded into wear resistant copper alloys, high toughness and high strength steels, wear and corrosion resistant specialty stainless steels for demanding applications in turbo chargers, EGR/Waste Gate control valves, high-performance racing engines, food processing pumps and wood processing equipment.

Winsert's material R&D program is solely for solving industry material issues. We have an extensive array of wear testers to simulate various component wear processes, including high frequency oscillation wear, vibration induced fretting wear, butterfly valve actuation type wear, poppet valve actuation type wear, turbocharger component wear, high temperature furnace bushing wear etc. Winsert's R&D laboratory also has the ability to measure the hot hardness of various alloys over a wide temperature range.

Over the last 18 years, Winsert has accumulated extensive and in-depth engineering alloy experience and knowledge through industry problem solving practices; especially in wear resistance, wear compatibility, oxidation/corrosion resistance, mechanical property, thermal expansion and thermal conductivity for high speed tool steels, specialty stainless steels, high temperature wear resistance nickel and cobalt base alloys, wear resistant copper alloys, high toughness and high strength steels and special abrasion resistant white cast irons.

As a result of Winsert's dedicated material R&D work, today we can offer next generation alloys that provide alternatives to costly cobalt-base and nickel-base alloys for severe-duty applications.