Winsert is a leading global provider of innovative alloy solutions for critical components across a wide array of industries.

We continually strive for excellence towards complete customer satisfaction by providing robust, on-site research and development laboratory as well as rapid delivery of test results and products to meet our customers’ demanding schedules.

Winsert provides expertise in alloy development to solve high temperature wear or corrosive wear problems in difficult applications; such as heavy-duty and high performance engines, as well as components for food and beverage, forestry, chemical processing and other industrial applications.

Our products include, but are not limited to, valve seat inserts, EGR and turbo charger assemblies, homogenizers, high temperature furnace bushings and meat and wood cutters. Our patented and proprietary alloys replace costly copper-, cobalt- and nickel-base alloys, engineering ceramics and exotic coatings traditionally used to solve problems in today's global marketplace.

Since 1977, Winsert's values have been the fabric of our success. We not only push to make a positive impact in the industries we serve, but we strive to make a positive impact in and around the neighboring communities in which we live and work. Winsert is not just an organization made up of individual employees and departments, we are one "family" that works together, sacrifices together, and enjoys success together. Winsert's 40th anniversary is a celebration of this.

"Winsert is a technically driven company when it comes to providing the right quote to the customer. They want to take care of your needs the first time."

"Winsert is a very diverse company which allows them to provide a wider range of options for their customers."

"Winsert's technical capabilities, which are globally recognized help other local small manufacturing businesses in the area of problem solving."

"The results of the long-term simulated field tests were also shared with MEGTEC. Finally, WINSERT built prototype parts for field testing by MEGTEC. Because of the thorough understanding of the part specifications that WINSERT helped to define and the ability to conduct testing under conditions approximating actual use conditions, the replacement part proved successful."

"I appreciate that WINSERT was willing to share design and testing information with MEGTEC and provide a cost effective and much more durable part in a timely manner."

"Winsert are an impressively innovative and dynamic company, particularly in the field of R&D / Alloy development. They strive to meet customer technical requirements with dedication and excellent materials development, using bespoke testing where applicable. Winsert have the capability to provide a rare combination of product attributes - functional improvement and reduced cost."

"We know Winsert as a capable and valued supplier for special high tech materials with hard requirements on durability and quality under severe conditions. Winsert is a material expert who delivers precision parts like bearings and valve seat rings for our products."

"One of the big advantages of Winsert is for sure the flexibility of the production as well as the excellent material lab which gives Winsert the opportunity to develop own materials, which is the next big advantage for their customers."

"In order to meet frequently increased quality and durability standards or in order to reduce the part price, Winsert is able to develop the proper material for certain customer demands by tweaking the material properties. This makes Winsert a strong partner for high performance hot side components."

"Winsert is very fast at delivering parts with the required material properties and geometrical conditions which helps to reduce development time as well. Additionally, Winsert has established a very good validation process based on customer demands to offer a sufficient in-house validation prior to customer validation to save additional testing time at the customer."

"The production tooling is state of the art and gives Winsert the ability to manufacture very precisely in order to deliver the required quality e.g. for high performance bearings for applications without any lubrication under very hot conditions."

"The collaboration with Winsert is always beneficial, reasonable as well as friendly. Even under uncertain commercial conditions they're rather proactive than to delay any delivery. We've maintained a very good and close relationship with Winsert and I personally hope that we'll continue our collaboration in that manner."

Winsert has invested in a new R&D facility with state-of-the art equipment to support our customers' growing needs.

Winsert offers our unique alloys to provide cost effective and timely solutions for our customers' challenging applications.

Winsert creates numerous distinctive alloys to our valued customer base in order to meet and exceed the demanding legislation established by the EPA and EURO communities.

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